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Expert Commercial Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

Commercial carpet cleaning is too much for many cleaners in San Diego, but not for the experienced professional cleaning team at Building Cleaning Solutions. We can take on any job regardless of the size and scope. From multiple floors of offices to the dining areas of restaurants Building Cleaning Solutions is the carpet cleaning expert you want by your side.

From carpet cleaning to carpet repair, Building Cleaning Solutions has the solution to serve your needs. We manage regular carpet shampooing, periodic deep cleaning, steam cleaning, and spot cleaning to remove stains. Using only environmentally safe products, our floor cleaning specialists work diligently to ensure the job is done thoroughly without harming the environment around you. We provide cleaning services for office carpets day or night and on the weekends.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in San Diego County

Efficient and Reliable Office Carpet Cleaning

At Building Cleaning Solutions, we realize that not every office carpet cleaning job is the same. Whether you need the carpet cleaned in a single conference room or the wall-to-wall carpeting in the entire building, Building Cleaning Solutions can take on the job. In addition to our premium office carpet cleaning services, we also offer dry carpet cleaning. Where steam cleaning may take up to 24 hours before the floor is dry enough to walk on dry carpet gives you a clean carpet you can walk on within 2-5 hours.

Office carpets absorb a great amount of dirt and dust, which may end up making the floors of your office look old and worn out. We use proven, eco-friendly methods to make sure your office carpet gets back to looking like new. The end result of our office carpet cleaning is a stunning floor your employees and visitors will love.

When it comes to cleaning your office’s carpeting, efficiency is key. The process used by Building Cleaning Solutions removes more dirt and dust from the carpet than any simple vacuum, all without harming the environment. For a free consultation about commercial carpet cleaning, call us today.

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